Entry #2

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2007-11-02 07:07:47 by Alcohol1

...and I'll reply.

Also: Don't drink too much water otherwise you'll get banned from this userpage.

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2007-12-15 21:27:43

I drink tea and soda.

Alcohol1 responds:

your always drunk, right?


2007-12-18 12:31:58

i agree. time for a new topic

Alcohol1 responds:

yeah, let's tell alcohol1 to make a new one. oh wait...


2007-12-21 18:39:37

So... Ever shit out a baby one time ever in your life?

Alcohol1 responds:

my regular routine. why do ya ask?


2007-12-22 00:01:20

4 some reason I can't handle alcohol at all. What do you think I should do almighty alcohol master of new grounds?

Alcohol1 responds:

in my opinion you should get drunk, my obedient alcohol servant!


2007-12-22 11:08:51

Cheers dude.

Alcohol1 responds:

first round on me, man.


2007-12-23 14:21:12

Oh hai Bud.

Alcohol1 responds:

good day, mister!


2007-12-25 22:33:32

Its over between us.

Alcohol1 responds:

come on, you know you can't do it without me, baby.


2007-12-27 14:39:45


Alcohol1 responds:



2007-12-27 16:08:26

At christmas I drank (never been opened) 30 year old malt. I had a semi hard on for the rest of the night lol

I got another hip flask for my collection. YAY!

Alcohol1 responds:

at christmas i drank...nah, the list would be too long. maybe next time.


2007-12-27 17:40:42

hello old pal, how've you been lately? haven't talked to you much.

Alcohol1 responds:

i've been in my "usual condition"...you?


2007-12-27 18:20:06

Dun say uber!
Dun say uber!
Im so confused

Alcohol1 responds:

make love, not confusion.


2007-12-27 18:49:48

Wow drinks water anymore?

Alcohol1 responds:

errr...we haven't learnt that in school yet.


2007-12-27 19:26:14



Alcohol1 responds:



2007-12-27 21:28:19

How tall are you?

Alcohol1 responds:

about 1.80 m. wanna know what i'm wearing right now?


2007-12-27 22:08:23

i just drank 2 gallons of water

Alcohol1 responds:

*doctor after checkup*
sorry, but you'll day in the next three days.


2007-12-27 22:40:54

servant? well ok then

Alcohol1 responds:

don't forget you can still become a queen if ya marry me.


2007-12-28 16:27:50

y is ur name alcohol? mabye its cuz u like beer! rite? hello?? WHERE R U??? XD

Alcohol1 responds:

you see those complicated connections really fast...


2007-12-28 20:06:50

I dont drink TO MUCH water.....

Alcohol1 responds:

join the club...


2007-12-29 21:59:04

My dog just farted.

Oh and, congrats on 1,111 post

Alcohol1 responds:

i'd blush, but your dog's fart bothers me.


2007-12-29 23:45:18

ever heard the song fuck you i'm drunk? I think you'll love it,

Alcohol1 responds:

fuck you, drago. btw, i'm drunk so don't be insulted. :D


2007-12-31 09:05:16

I thought you were back?!

Alcohol1 responds:

never trust your thoughts, young man. only facts count.


2007-12-31 22:09:25


Alcohol1 responds:

thanks, i didn't know how 6 and 4 look like.


2008-01-01 21:50:37

does apple apple-grape juice count? i drank a liter of 1.5 year old apple grape juice and fell over drunk and hit my head

Alcohol1 responds:

are you sure it was juice? it was water probobly.


2008-01-02 12:24:24

I had a very dry New Years Eve D:

Alcohol1 responds:

oh...let's drink to that! <3


2008-01-02 17:49:54

no i'm NOT insulting you dude it's a song i found!


2008-01-02 18:26:48

Water is for sissys


2008-01-03 00:07:50

i dont drink water alot.. but sometimes..., once a month or once two months, i hope that doesnt mean too much lol
alcohol are not all good but i like some of em
i like red wine and white wine alot hehehe i wish i cant get em fo free everyday...


2008-01-03 00:20:37

Drink. Fuck. Drink. Fuck. Drink. Fuck. Pee. Drink. continue peeing. Fuck. continue peeing. Drink. attempt to drink but spill it on fuckpuppet. Pee on fuckpuppet. Rest. Repeat.


2008-01-03 20:16:19

crap, i drink alot of waer. water is mah drink. after jiuce. oh shit. i better leave, ok?


2008-01-03 22:24:37

Comment 197. WOWOWOWOW


2008-01-03 23:06:50

There was an indeterminate period of time, during which, all manner of obscenity danced before Jennifer Parker dementedly, in roiling, seething darkness as she continued to regress. Different terrors. Different days. But always the constant chants, and the filthy bellowing of blasphemous encouragements from the ever present gatherings around her. And then, she'd achieved her altered state.

Jenny was only twelve years old again just now, naked in a fevered, fearful, loathing hell, in which she was writhing in almost excruciating lust. Unseen, yet knowing fiery fingers seemed to caressed her quivering little body. Teasing her little nipples maddeningly erect, insinuating themselves within the yearning crevasses of her immature sex organs and making her tingle maddeningly all over. So filthy, what they used to do to her - those wicked monstrous people - such an innocent young girl. How could they? How CAN they. No. I don't want it.. I'm burning" Jenny squealed, "please.. nooooooooo!"

"Specto suscitatio," her hypnotherapist commanded, without impatience. It was a magic, hypnotic key phrase Doctor Schwarzkopf had taught his patient, which helped her slip more quickly into an hypnotic state of recollection and tranquility.

"Jennifer, Jennifer!" his manly, baritone voice called the frightened little girl by her full name, and then, "Can you here me Jennifer?" It questioned amidst her inner turmoil. The familiar, friendly disembodied voice, acted like an indirect beam of cool, white light, sending the horrific phantasms arrayed against her, scurrying back into the dark recesses of her imagination once again.

The sound of her breath was audible around her now, her chest expanding and contracting with each breath. She could hear the air rushing between her lips as she inhaled. She felt tranquil now, as if at the bottom of a deep, silent ocean. It was the wonderfully safe place she'd been taught to hide within herself so many times, during her hypnotherapy sessions with the kindly Doctor Schwarzkopf. A lower place inside her very being, far from the residual pain of her unbearable childhood memories of satanic ritual abuse, and the horrible visions that made her fearful, sick and anxiously aroused, even in her current adult life. The little girl, Jenny, inside the now adult woman Jennifer whom had been undergoing regression therapy for weeks already, enjoyed the quiet, restful darkness of this place within herself. There was only her, and the lovely male voice she loved so much, and she knew she'd be safe in here with him.

"I'm going to count to three Jennifer" he told her just then, "And when I do, you're going to leave your cave Jenny. I'm going to direct you through some of the events that brought you to your current situation in life Jennifer. Do you understand?

Jennifer nodded obediently.

"Your going to be watching everything like a movie. You can not get hurt in a movie Jennifer. You're just going to watch the movie and tell me what you see. Do you understand?"

Jennifer nodded. A movie did sound good. Little twelve-year-old Jenny felt so happy and excited all of a sudden, she loved cartoons and Mickey Mouse and..

"Now. I'm going to count to three now Jenny," Doctor Schwarzkopf interrupted her once again, "and when I do, you're going to be back in the church. One.... Two.... Three!"

There was an indeterminate period of time, during which, all manner of obscenity danced before Jennifer Parker dementedly, in roiling, seething darkness. Different terrors. Different days. Her vivid reminiscences played out before her, like flicking through TV channels, as her hypnotist directed.

Her little childhood self, kneeling almost naked on the sacrificial altar during the diabolic masses held at the secluded 'Church of Satan' was an often recurring theme in her visions. The the oddly dressed crowd amassed around the trembling, pre-pubescent girl, and how they'd taught her to love them touching her naughty little body.

She was a very pretty little girl. Skinny, but with enough meat on her bones to offer a semblance of sexual readiness. She had the usual kind of blonde coloring, only hers was a true blonde, with not so much as a hint of peroxide: bright blue eyes and pink cheeks, with high cheek bones accentuating a perfectly shaped nose and nostrils that had a tendency to flare with just the slightest provocation. Her little lemon-like tits seemed to sway tantalizingly below her, as she knelt on the altar with her pert and curvy buttocks rounding submissively before the excited adults gathering around her. Even when they stood quietly, simply witnessing, Jenny was always erotically affected by the highly charged communion of adult lust which ragged amongst the congregation all about her.

Mommy would even set her daughters long blonde hair in draping, sexy curls, and paint her pouty little-girl lips with glossy lipstick too. Then she'd be dressed in the most provocatively sexy lingerie imaginable. Cup-less braziers accentuated her small titties; crotch-less lacy panties made her gorgeous young ass appear seductively ripe and ready to be fucked, along with thrilly garter belts and suspender stockings sometimes, adding teasingly to the illusion that the tiny young girl was invitingly more adult.

Her parents always wanted Jenny to be as sexy and flirtatious as possible for her sexually sacrificial duties. They told her she must always give herself willingly to all. Jenny's parents had explained, the other cult members would be even hornier to fuck her precious little body this way. They told her she was the most special little girl in the world, she was the living symbol of the sexual magnetism of The Beast.

Little Jenny hadn't understood it all. But she'd grown to like attending the Satanic vespers over time, and how she felt about the sex she had during them as well.

During the rituals held in the old, converted church, the members of the demonic cult were encouraged to fuck her sexily presented little body any way they wanted. Often, they'd made her perform the most obscene adult sexual acts her little girl's mind could never have imagined on its own. The cultists, including her parents, were always dressed indiscernibly alike; cloaked in purple, smock-like robes with mystic blazonry embroidered here and there. Each member of the unholy congregation wore a plain white mask over their hidden faces during the Satanic rites, appearing featureless, smooth and shining ghostly in the dimly lit surroundings of their macabre place of worship.

Only 'Mr. Black' really stood out in her visions. He was always dressed in black. However his mask was shiny gold, and he wore a special headpiece of ram's horns on his head. He was the master of ceremonies for the black masses, a high priest for the unholy conjugation, and their sacrilegious rites.

Depending on their mood, the congregation would shout lewd encouragements, like "fuck that little bitch!" or "Fuck her in the name of Satan!" Or else they'd simply stand quietly witnessing, and enjoying the perverted good show they would receive.

Her scantily clad little body would be taken by a full-grown man, perhaps he'd roll over on her back and and spread her pliant unresisting, lovely little legs. Mommy had told her to smile and whisper encouragement at such times, especially if he seemed a little hesitant. Dutifully, she batted her pretty baby blue eyes seductively, as they glisten invitingly in the soft candle light, awestruck at the site of huge male glands poking out hungrily, as the men lifted up their heavy ceremonial robes. She'd lost count of the many ribbed, red and ready to fuck penises she'd been rodgered with, as horny cult members had called her filthy names, or grunted lustfully in her little ear as they grinded there aching, lust inflamed adult penises into her immature little fuck-hole.
She moaned in agony. How painful it was as it squeezed through, as the gooey cum attempted to penetrate the tiny gap. She often collapsed with the exertion afterwards.

Sorry about this. Post this on 5 other peoples chat rooms or your daughter will share jennifers fate!


2008-01-04 23:27:12

#199. gratz to the next guy


2008-01-04 23:35:58

hi there :3


2008-01-05 05:19:34

sorry, I just had to do this again:
comment 201!


2008-01-05 15:36:22

Everybody this is comment 202, put your hands in the air cause water is through! :D


2008-01-05 19:50:23

hav a happy 2008 hope ya do well


2008-01-07 23:43:37



2008-01-08 21:34:02



2008-01-13 12:51:11

There's a lot of comments in this here place.


2008-01-14 08:48:27

How often do you comment on other people's userpages?


2008-01-21 22:00:58

haven't seen ya in a while. then again that WAS a hell of a party


2008-01-27 17:01:29

What's your favorite acholic beverage?


2008-01-27 17:05:43



2008-01-31 22:36:13

Quel est ceci ?


2008-02-09 16:07:43



2008-02-11 11:17:41

I'm a girl and i don't have pants...


2008-02-11 11:18:17

I'm still a girl with no pants...


2008-02-11 11:18:43

Will you buy me some pants, please?


2008-02-17 11:58:42

Lol, I forgot about you. You commented on my userpage a ,oonnggg time ago.

Well, just look at me now LOL. =)


2008-02-22 21:15:57

I love how in your Image there are a couple cans on their side. It's like, "Oh yeah, I set these up and I'm mad smashed."